Alpaca THERMAL SOLES (rubberized) made of 70% alpaca & 30% sheep wool

Comfortable, non slip and warm
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Warm and relaxed feet in freezing cold!

Get the warmth in your shoe. With our high-quality and qualitative felt insoles you say goodbye to cold feet! Due to the special properties of alpaca wool and the resulting felt, you will always have a comfortable climate in your shoes. Felt is pressure-elastic and resistant so you walk like on clouds. Due to the rubberized sole we avoid with our felt soles that they slip back and forth in the shoe and unpleasant wrinkles arise.

This is what these alpaca shoe insoles made of high quality alpaca felt with rubberized sole offer you:

- Material: 70% alpaca 30% sheep wool
- hand punched
- soft and springy for the step
- odor-inhibiting due to alpaca fiber
- pleasant wearing feeling
- can be cut individually to size
- soles may differ slightly in color from the picture
- underside offers best grip in the shoe thanks to natural rubber coating

If you have superficial dirt on your alpaca felt soles, it is enough to take a brush to hand or vacuum the shoe insoles. Hand washing is possible, but you should not wring the felt too much and pull it back into shape.

The information below was measured as follows:

Length: heel - toe

Width: widest part of the sole

Height: Felt sole

3623.3 cm7.2 cm0.5 cm
3723.6 cm7.5 cm0.5 cm
3824.8 cm7.7 cm0.5 cm
3925.2 cm7.9 cm0.5 cm
4025.9 cm8.2 cm0.5 cm
4126.5 cm8.5 cm0.5 cm
4227.2 cm8.6 cm0.5 cm
4328.0 cm8.8 cm0.5 cm
4428.5 cm9.0 cm0.5 cm
4529.0 cm9.2 cm0.5 cm
4630.0 cm9.3 cm0.5 cm
4730.9 cm9.5 cm0.5 cm
4832.2 cm10.2 cm0.5 cm
4934.3 cm10.5 cm0.5 cm
5035.4 cm10.9 cm0.5 cm

Please understand that all shoes have different shapes, this sole has a defined shape and naturally cannot fit all shoe shapes.
Care instructions

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