Felted hat SERVANE with leather strap made of alpaca felt by KUNA

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Alpaca wool REGULAR | 50g | 5pcs pack | 100% baby alpaca
Alpaca wool REGULAR | 50g | 5pcs pack | 100% baby alpaca

Jacquard sweater GIORGIO gents baby crew neck
Jacquard sweater GIORGIO gents baby crew neck
Great felted hats made of alpaca fiber mixed with wool.
There is something for every head in three classic colors.
Trendy, useful and timeless at the same time.
Protect your head and hair from the harsh rays of the sun while still looking good.

SERVANE A blend of classic floppy hat and a wide-brimmed Feodora hat.
Surrounded by a great band of life he looks good in every season.

The KUNA hats are water-repellent thanks to special surface treatment. This only means that they can withstand some rain for some time. They should not be soaked completely.

- Material: 60% wool 40% alpaca
- Sizes: S-XL
- water repellent
- felted

How do you find the right fit?

To know if the hat is the right size for you, place 2 fingers over the eyebrow and the hat edge. Between the ear (above) and the hat edge a finger should fit in between.
If this is the case, the hat should not be too tight and not too loose.
Do you feel comfortable? Then this great hat by KUNA suits you.
Store the hats dry and preferably lying in a hatbox, so that they do not deform.

Care instructions: Do not wash or wet. Take a soft brush and gently brush the hat off.
For stubborn stains, a little hot steam helps your iron. Keep a distance of at least 10 cm.
Care instructions