Alpaca wool REGULAR | 1kg Kone | 100% baby alpaca | 36 colors

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N-100 Natur
  • N-105 Beige Melange
  • N-115 Sand Natur
  • N-145 Mokkabraun
  • N-155 Grau Melange
  • 51 orangerot meliert
  • 54 venezia
  • 33 magenta
  • 67 himbeere
  • 16 fuchsie
  • 42 flieder Melange
  • 20 türkis
  • 60 alger
  • 31 blau Melange
  • 30 eisblau
  • 47 petrol melange
  • 08 grün
  • 50 gruengrau meliert
  • 68 avocado
  • 65 tannengrün

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Content: 1kg cone with price advantage!

NEW: Cones can now also be delivered at short notice during the year. Based on your order, we produce the cones exclusively for you with a delivery time of about 6-8 weeks, if the corresponding color is not directly in stock. Please refer to the order confirmation for the approximate delivery time.

This fourfold twisted alpaca knitting wool made of 100% pure alpaca yarn in baby alpaca quality for needle gauge 4-4.5 is characterized by incomparable fineness in a wide range of colors.

Be inspired by our baby alpaca yarn: wearing comfort, optical properties like the silky sheen and technical advantages like the moisture regulation speak for themselves. Because: Alpaca is a hollow fiber. It has a temperature-balancing effect and can be processed much thinner than e.g. sheep's wool or other natural fibers while providing the same insulation. This unique temperature equalization makes it comfortable to wear in winter as well as in summer. It does not scratch or wrinkle and is especially suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. Since alpaca wool contains hardly any lanolin (wool grease), it is ideally suited for allergy sufferers and hardly tends to pill or felt due to the particularly smooth fiber structure.

APU KUNTUR alpaca wool is produced in Peru under strict human-ecological requirements. Only the finest fibers meet our high quality standards and are used for our yarn.
Our knitting yarn is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
(Except color black 01 and anthracite 23)
You can see that - and you will notice it when knitting. Try it out for yourself!
Available in 40 beautiful colors.

- Material: 100% alpaca (baby alpaca)
- knits quickly and regularly
- skin friendly
- hardly splits, pills and fluffs
- hand wash cold with wool detergent
- do not wring, do not spin, dry horizontally
- run length: 50g approx. 100m = Nm 4/8
- 4-ply twisted
- recommended needle size: 4mm
- stitch gauge: 10cm*10cm = 26 rows, 20 stitches
- approx. requirement for a sweater: ladies size M = 500g, men size M = 650g, 10 years = 350g
- weight: approx. 1kg

Natural fiber yarns can sometimes "bleed" - this means that the yarn may still have residual pigments from the dyeing process, which then come off during knitting or the first wash and dye off. From experience, when this happens, it is mainly with dark or strong colors. We therefore recommend washing the yarn or the textile knitted from it separately in the first wash, after which there should be no further "bleeding".

All available colors:
- 01 Black
- 02 Red
- 07 Dark blue
- 08 Green
- 12 Wine red
- 16 Fuchsia
- 19 Petrol blue
- 20 turquoise
- 23 Anthracite
- 30 Ice blue
- 31 Blue mélange
- 33 Magenta
- 34 Pink mélange
- 28 Sand
- 36 Lemon yellow
- 38 Golden yellow
- 40 Pistachio
- 42 Lilac mélange
- 44 Baby pink
- 47 Petrol mélange
- 48 Light blue mélange
- 49 Dark blue mélange
- 50 Green-grey mélange
- 51 Orange red mélange
- 52 Senape
- 53 Deep Sea
- 54 Venezia

12 Guaranteed undyed natural shades, ÖKOTEX class 1 certified, best suited for baby and toddler clothing:
- N100 Nature
- N105 Beige-Melange
- N110 Beige
- N115 Sand Nature
- N120 Light brown
- N130 Brown
- N140 Dark brown
- N145 Mocha brown
- N150 Light gray
- N155 Gray-Melange
- N160 Medium gray
- N170 Dark gray

Use this particularly fine quality for workpieces that come into contact with sensitive areas of the skin, such as scarves or children's hats.
This wool is excellent for knitting and crocheting fine accessories such as cuffs, hats, hoods and gloves or knitted coats, knitted jackets, knitted sweaters, capes and ponchos. There are no limits to your creativity in needlework and hobby.

The term baby alpaca does not mean that the processed wool comes from little alpaca babies. Rather, it is a sign of quality and says something about the fineness of the fiber. Adult animals that have such fiber quality are the most valuable animals.

This item is also available as a single ball.

Did you know?
Alpaca wool is the "Gold of the Andes" and was once reserved only for royalty by the Incas. It was therefore also called "fleece of the gods".

Alpaca wool is nowadays appreciated by designers all over the world as one of the noblest natural wool fibers and is being used more and more. Only a few years ago, cashmere was considered the finest wool quality, but many connoisseurs are discovering the soft and elegant natural fiber alpaca for themselves and appreciate its outstanding properties.
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