Alpaca FUR SOLES made from 100% alpaca fur

Warm feet with APU KUNTUR fur soles - fluffy alpaca fur on robust cow leather
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Warm and relaxed feet in freezing cold!

Who likes cold feet? Especially in winter, warm feet are important to feel comfortable and stay healthy. Not all shoes offer enough thermal protection from below, so that the foot cools down.
This is where our alpaca fur soles made of pure alpaca real fur provide a remedy.
As insoles, they provide a comfortable climate in any shoe, even on cold floors your feet stay warm without sweating. Thus, even the cheese foot that does not like to smell can be avoided.

- material: alpaca fur, cowhide sole
- excellent wearing comfort
- odorless
- thermoregulating
- soft and fluffy
- skin-friendly
- made in Switzerland

Info: Since it is a natural product, the colors may vary slightly.

The Apaka fibers are very soft, light and have climatizing properties. The absence of wool grease accommodates allergy sufferers. Alpaca fibers have a noble inherent luster that remains until the finished product.

The information below was measured as follows:

Length: heel - toe

Width: widest part of the sole

Height: sole without fur

3421.6 cm6.8 cm0.3 cm
3522.0 cm7.1 cm0.3 cm
3622.4 cm7.4 cm0.3 cm
3723.7cm7.8 cm0.3 cm
3824.0cm7.8 cm0.3 cm
3924.6 cm7.8 cm0.3 cm
4025.6 cm8.3 cm0.3 cm
4126.5 cm8.4 cm0.3 cm
4227.0 cm8.6 cm0.3 cm
4327.8 cm9.0 cm0.3 cm
4428.5 cm9.1 cm0.3 cm
4529.4 cm9.5 cm0.3 cm
4630.3 cm9.9 cm0.3 cm
4730.9 cm10.0 cm0.3 cm

Please understand that all shoes have different shapes, this sole has a defined shape and naturally cannot fit all shoe shapes.
Care instructions

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