Basic Alpaca cape GIL KUNA Essentials

Royal Alpaca- one of the most delicate fibre in this world!
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  • Fair and sustainably produced
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Basic Alpaca cape ALFA KUNA Essentials
Basic Alpaca cape ALFA KUNA Essentials

100% Vigogne Poncho BERYL
100% Vigogne Poncho BERYL
KUNA Essentials is KUNA's line of classic basic alpaca garments.

Royal alpaca is the finest quality there is in alpaca.
With a fibre strengt of 14 to 19 Micron it is one of the most delicate natural fibre in the world.
Luxury that pays off, because with garments made of alpaca you make an investment in a piece for a lifetime. Timelessly beautiful, perfectly woven and manufacured - indulge yourself in a luxury cloak that never comes out of fashion and that accompanies you for many years to come.

- sturdy and long-lived
- pilling-resistant
- natural silky sheen
- temperature compensating thanks to the hollow alpaca fibre
- feathery light and yet ideally warming

Material: 70% Alpaca (Baby Suri Alpaca) 30% Wool
KUNA Essentials
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