Basic Alpaca cape ALFA KUNA Essentials

A gorgeous cape in precious baby alpaca
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The classic: ladies cape made of most delicate and precious baby alpaca -
heavenly soft and timeless beautiful.
The self-cleaning properties of the fibre make alpaca highly stain-resistant.
Thaks to its hollow fibre it is temperature compensatint like no other fibre.
The smooth fibre surface prevents strong pilling.
Alpaca contains almost no lanoline (wool fat) and is therefore apt for allergy-sufferers
It is for gooe reason tha alpaca is called "the gold of the Andes".

KUNA Essentials is KUNA's line of classic basic alpaca garments.
The variety of colours is available all year round and is maintained over several seasons. The fashion colours are adjusted to current trends on a yearly basis.

- perfect cape measurements for an ideal fit with any dress size
- timeless colours
- perfectly crafted seam for a nice flow

Material. 100% Alpaca (Baby Alpaca)
100% Baby Alpaca
KUNA Essentials
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