Alpaca Huacaya real fur CHRISTOBAL standing ~60cm / 23"shop display mascot APU KUNTUR

Alpaca Huacaya - decoration for the nursery or for the shop?
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Look into my eyes and fall in love with me!

I've got a very high-grade fur. My even and delicately crimped fiber is counted among the most precious fibers in the world. It is even called the "gold of the Andes". I am extremely cuddly and fluffily soft.
But I can also be a great friend and a true mate for children as I dispose of a very social personality. Are you possibly looking for a mascot for your alpaca breeding or for your alpaca show? You can also put me into your boutique or into your farm shop as decoration. I would love to make your acquaintance and to become a part of your alpaca flock.

- high-quality alpaca fur
- almost 60cm / 23" high
- handicraft from Peru
- undyed natural fur
- hardly any lanoline content

Material: 100% Alpaca Fur

Stuffing: Silicone Wool

The alpaca, also called "Pako", originates from the South-American Andes and belongs to the family of the new world camelids. According to lastes scientific finding the direct ancestor is the vicuna - the most noble animal in this world.
Alpaca animals are flock animals and show a distinct social nature which is why these animals are more and more used on the animal-supported therapy. The fleece is very recommendable for allergic persons since in its finest quality it is scratch-free and thus to be worn directly on the skin without any problem.

Information: For our fur animals a real alpaca has NEVER been specially killed.
100% Alpacafell
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