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About Us

A family business between the Andes and the Alps

Wondering what the name APU KUNTUR means? In fact, the roots of the company name can be found in the Andes: translated into German, it means »holy condor«.

Nelly Gutknecht-Amachi founded her own knitwear business in 2008 in Cusco, Peru as the formerly single parent of three children, to provide other mothers and families with a secure, well-paid job. Today the production has 45 employees and is managed by her brother Juvenal and her cousin Juan.

Managing Director Matthias Gutknecht sees cohesion as part of the corporate philosophy: »All employees are part of our family. We attach great importance to an excellent working atmosphere. For example, our Peru plant has an in-house canteen so our staff can take a break during their break and enjoy a warm, complimentary meal in peace. We also train inexperienced young people and support training. Joint excursions and activities are independently organized by our employees, thus promoting team spirit. «

In Winterthur, Switzerland, new designs are created and conceived with the support of the daughters Danna and Prisila. If you are curious, then just visit us in one of our boutiques and experience APU KUNTUR first-hand.


Our values to your advantage

We have been collecting experience in the alpaca industry for over 15 years and work closely with partners who share our views and stand for the same values. In working together, fair conditions and quality are at the center of our actions: It is important to us that our partners take responsibility for the ethical and moral principles.

Social responsibility and fair conditions

Fair conditions in our trade relations are very important to us. Our family-owned production plant in Cusco, Péru, produces fair trade guidelines - in addition to adequate wages and above-average social benefits, our employees receive, for example, joint meals. Visit us and see for yourself. We also have a close partnership relationship with our many dealers in Europe. This enables us to constantly evolve and provide the best for our customers.

Close to nature and sustainability

The Schur of alpacas takes place annually in a gentle way, which does not hurt the animals. Alpacas graze in Peru at altitudes where other agriculture is hardly possible. They are herbivores that only pluck grass, leaving roots intact. Because alpacas have soft feet instead of hooves, they do not hurt the ground. This creates the basis for preserving the millennia-old heritage of the Incas for generations to come.

Highest quality in every respect

We pay equal attention to the highest quality of the products. Only the products that meet our quality requirements will be included in our offer. For our collections we use only the finest and finest alpaca fibers and organic-grown Pima-Paumwolle. Also in the further refinement we use only high quality materials from Peru. As the largest total supplier in Europe, we have been offering a wide assortment since 1989, which we constantly develop and expand.

Customer proximity and excellent service

Our dedicated customer service takes enough time for you: We respond to your needs, because your satisfaction is part of our corporate philosophy. You want to know more about our values? You can find more information about our Homepage.


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© 2020 Alpaca Onlineshop